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Hello! I’m Jared Lee and today I may run multiple businesses, have multiple podcasts and above all else am the proud husband to my wife Jamie and father of two great kids… but the about me on a website would not have looked very impressive less than a decade ago.

Ever since I was a kid I always knew I wanted to own my own business but my entrepreneurial journey truly started after I graduated college and accepted what many would say was a “dream job”. 

I started the “dream job” and within a couple of weeks I knew I had to get out of there. Everyone there was miserable and I could see my future on all the faces of the people I would pass in the hallways and it wasn’t pretty. 

So I went to that job on a Tuesday as a newly engaged man and told them I quit with absolutely no other plan in mind other than I knew I had to walk away or I might not ever leave. 

That began a long journey of starting multiple businesses, some going great and some not so great, but one thing I learned was you need to be able to market your business to people to eat. As I developed my marketing skills I started having people reach out to me to help them market their businesses as well.

I realized I love being an Entrepreneur and growing my own business but I also love helping other people grow their businesses as well. So fast forward to me running 3 different marketing agencies and having helped countless business owners market and grow their businesses this podcast was born. 

Jared Lee

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